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Intr'Appreneur Café
Coming Soon!

A place to share, collaborate and innovate!

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The Intr'Appreneur Café

The Intr'Appreneur is a virtual space that offors activities such share, to discuss with different communities partners.

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Community collaboration, at the heart of the Intr’Appreneur project, provides the foundation for improving the education system. When schools and communities collaborate to solve problems, they support educational projects aimed at improving the world around them, generating a strong sense of responsibility and commitment on both sides.

Business Meeting

Share and discuss

  • Partnership: Establish an educational relationship with external experts, mentors and teachers to facilitate support for learners in our schools;

  • Career awareness: Highlight and value the needs and opportunities in NB;

  • Experiential learning: Provide learners with authentic and meaningful learning situations;

  • Virtual learning: Connect learners to learning and career opportunities wherever they are, and develop a shareable body of knowledge. ​

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